Should I know something useful for me but bad for my family, I would reject it from my mind.

Should I know something useful to my family but bad for my Fatherland, I would try to forget it.
Should I know something useful to my Fatherland but bad for Europe or useful to Europe but bad for the Human gender, I should consider it as a crime.

[Montesquieu (1689 - 1755) Mes pensées (translation)]

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This is just a subsite for tests

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Internet and politics

I'm probably not the only one fascinated by Internet. You will find a very short text concerning what I'm thinking about the "real" and the "false" questions concerning Internet. I'm interested in your way of thinking about it.

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Justice for all

A few texts in French about this problematic barcolor.gif (3106 octets)

Workalcoholics ? Réduction de la durée du travail ? Arbeidsduurvermindering ?

In Belgium and in other "western" countries, we have a very high standard of living but since World War II, we are still working about 40 hours a week. I think, it's about time to radically change the society and to diminish the "normal" working week. For many reasons, my opinion is this reduction must be compulsory and not only for the people wanting it. As a French lawyer said : "Dans le domaine du droit social, c'est la loi qui libère et la liberté qui opprime" (In the domain of social law, the law gives you freedom and the liberty is a jail).

This text (in French) is waiting for propositions or critics.

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Long life to the crisis

Many people are complaining about economical crisis. However, during this last 25 years, Belgium (and other countries) were becoming richer than ever during the History of the human gender. The reason why so many people are thinking that the economical situation is getting worse due to the so-called "crisis" is a very big mystery to me.  For people doubting about the fantastic increase of economical way of life since 1973 (beginning of the "crisis"), they will find a schema (in french language) illustrating this increase.

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More classic : my bookmarks

My favorite links. Concerning social security, Belgium, politics and law. I updated this bookmarks on january 1998 (already old).

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Disturbing opinions : about monarchy, christianity, democracy, law, civil servants, ...

You will probably not love all of these opinions. If you think I'm wrong and you can explain why, just tell me. It's also authorized to tell me that you agree.

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