Belgian social security

In social law, freedom oppresses the poor and legislation sets him free

(attributed to Lacordaire : "Dans le domaine du droit social, c'est la liberté qui opprime le faible et c'est la loi qui le libère")

The pages on this site are not official. Since April 1997, there is also an official site about Belgian social security : <>.  For general information, I advise you to go there.

Hello, this is my home page dedicated to social security. I am sorry but almost everything on this site, except this home page, is written in French or in Dutch (sorry also for my mistakes in English).

If you are interested in social security, you have here (in French) or here (in Dutch) a site concerning this matter in Belgium.

If you are looking for the address of your favorite social security institution, you will find a few "classical" addresses here (in French or Dutch). Up till now, I only found a few other Belgian sites about this theme, but I'm pretty sure more is yet to come.

A few Belgian institutions dealing with social security can be reached "on line". On these pages, you will also find some links to non Belgian institutions.

Workalkolics ? Réduction de la durée du travail ? Arbeidsduurvermindering ?

Critics, flames, ..., or even positive reactions ?

You can write to me in English, French or Dutch to my main Belgian address :

Didier Coeurnelle, legal specialist in the Belgian federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Public Health and Environment, 3c rue de la Vierge noire, B 1000 Brussels.

Last modified : 1999 April 04.



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